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    Changelogs November 26

    Changelogs November 16

    Dear Silkroad Chillout community, 

    Thank you for your patience! The server is now back online. Down below, you'll find all changes made during this week's server maintenance in English.



    • Corrected some client/server mismatches in terms of skill mastery level requirements 
    • Corrected the redirect when pressing “Buy VP” in the Item Mall
    • Allowed some more terms in the abuse filter
    • Changed the description of D14 Astrals to correctly indicate the preserved plus level
    • Replaced“Princess Miyene for 4 Mad Reindeer in the Power-Levelling Event

    Chillout Stone Cave

    • Increased the spawn amount of Fire & Water Guardians
    • Increased the spawn amount of Zealots
    • World Eater Karkadann
      • Decreased the respawn time
      • Decreased the debuff resistance from 100% to 95%
      • Decreased the HP by 20%


    As part of our skill overhaul that began a couple of patches ago, we’re happy to announce that new skills have found their way to Silkroad Chillout! Most of the newly added skills try to emphasise the class identity or to provide more character building options. All of them cost 999999 SP to unlock. EU chars have been granted more short-term support options to - hopefully - incline players to try them out more. Please read through the skill descriptions as they try to explain how the skills work. We would love to hear your feedback! <3



    • Added a new nuke: “Snow Storm - Avalanche”


    • Added a new nuke: “Flame Wave - Firestorm”


    • Added a new shout: “Thunderous Shout”
    • Added a new nuke: “Call of Thunder”


    • Added a new skill: “Chi Burst”
      • This skill provides the following buffs to you and your allies for 30s
        • +20% physical damage
        • +20% magical damage



    • Added a new skill: “Warrior’s Blessing”
      • This skill provides the following buffs to you and your allies for 45s
        • +2136 physical defense
        • +3489 magical defense
        • +20000 HP
        • +10% HP


    • Added a new skill: “Aspect of the Eagle”
      • This skill provides the following buffs to you and your allies for 30s
        • +50 critical
        • +15% critical
        • +15% physical damage
        • +50 attack rate
        • +15% attack rate
        • +125% Movement Speed (not stackable)
        • +75% chance of obtaining Berserker


    • Added a new skill: “Elemental Coalescence”
    • Assigned the correct casting animation to “Cryophorus Fields”


    • Added a new skill: “Blood Coagulation”
      • This skill allows to spread Lv. 14 Bleed, Impotent, Division, Weaken, Decay & Disease to up to 8 enemies around you as well as to deal 20% of the target’s max HP as magical damage (their defense is still taken into account, though!)


    • Added a new skill: “Bardic Inspiration”
      • As long as you can uphold this skill, it will grant the following buffs to you and your allies
        • +25% physical damage
        • +25% magical damage
        • +100% chance of obtaining Berserker
      • This skill quickly drains the Bard’s mana and can only be used for a longer duration if the respective Bard manages their MP accordingly (Vigors etc.). In turn, they can cast another Dance on top of that or even change their weapons! 


    • Added a new skill: “Sanctuary”
      • This skill casts a pulsating area of effect on the ground. Players in its area receive the buff “Sanctuary”
        • +1297 physical defense
        • +1983 magical defense
        • +100% HP regeneration
        • +100% MP regeneration
        • 4280 HP recovery every 5s



    • Most of the cities have been decorated with snowmen, candy canes, and Christmas trees!
    • The Winter Event has started and will run until December 27! This event has multiple “phases” that work as follows
        • All over the maps, Snow Slaves will spawn
        • Every kill on a Snow Slave adds +1 to the overall server mob kill (not visible for you)
        • When the server has killed enough Snow Slaves, one lucky player received a +100% exp/skill exp buff for 3 hours and “White Knights” will start appearing (check the spawn spots of the Titan Uniques!
        • Every kill on a Snow Slave can drop a Snow Flake
        • Bring 10 Snow Flakes to Event So-Ok, click on “Snow Flake Event” and turn them in to receive a “Winter Gift Box” full of surprises! Most of these rewards are tiered in 3 different quantities: 100x, 10x and 1x
        • With each Winter Box that you receive from So-Ok, the server counter will receive +1, check the little interface that says “0/…”. You can click on the snowflake icon right below the minimap to (de-)activate it
        • Upon the completion of the server count, the whole server will receive a 24h buff that grants +100% experience/skill experience!
        • Work together and kill as many White Knights as possible to face Princess Miyene herself!
        • Both the White Knights and Princess Miyene have a couple of neat items they can drop!


    This is the very first seasonal event that we’re running and we hope you have fun playing it! Please note that due to the exp buffs that you can give to yourselves, power-levelling events made by us will be rare while the event is running. Thank you for your understanding.



    Your Silkroad Chillout team






    Hello and welcome to Silkroad Chillout - we're so glad to have you here!


    If you are completely new, feel free to check out this page to help you get started!

    Right now, we have doubled the rates so it's easier for you to level up... but that won't last forever!

    If you'd like to support us, please consider voting for our Silkroad server. You can do so if you log-in and scroll down to "Vote4Coins" in your Account panel. 

    We're so excited to have you and will do our best to keep you guys entertained!

    Thank you!


    Your Silkroad Chillout team



    Server Stats

    PlayerOnline 81 / 3000

    Server Info

    • Cap Level 130
    • Item Degree Degree 1-14
    • Exp-/Skillpoint Rate x65
    • PartyExp Rate x75
    • Drop Rate x30
    • GoldDrop Rate x30
    • Masteries CH/EU 390/260
    • Auto Equipment D1-D10

    Server time

    • Servertime: 04:50:41
    • Fortress:
    • FW Register: Every Day
    • CTF:
    • Specialty Goods:
    • Battle Arena:
    • Qin Shi Tomb Event:
    • Gate of Ruler:
    • Job Temple Uniques:
    • Titan Uniques:


    Last 10 Unique Kills

    • BabaYaga has killed Captian Ivy 00:40:17 ago

    • BabaYaga has killed Demon Shaitan 01:10:34 ago

    • BabaYaga has killed Uruchi 01:19:54 ago

    • Zapada has killed Lord Yarkan 03:40:16 ago

    • Kaisa has killed Isyutaru 03:56:10 ago

    • Kaisa has killed Captian Ivy 04:01:46 ago

    • Kaisa has killed Tiger Girl 04:06:36 ago

    • Kaisa has killed Uruchi 04:10:23 ago

    • Cleopatra has killed Demon Shaitan 04:23:03 ago

    • DevillishSin has killed Cerberus 05:41:34 ago