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    Character BoDoSLaMaC
    Level 123
    Strength 508
    Intellect 142
    Status Online



    Server Stats

    PlayerOnline 81 / 3000

    Server Info

    • Cap Level 130
    • Item Degree Degree 1-14
    • Exp-/Skillpoint Rate x65
    • PartyExp Rate x75
    • Drop Rate x30
    • GoldDrop Rate x30
    • Masteries CH/EU 390/260
    • Auto Equipment D1-D10

    Server time

    • Servertime: 04:09:58
    • Fortress:
    • FW Register: Every Day
    • CTF:
    • Specialty Goods:
    • Battle Arena:
    • Qin Shi Tomb Event:
    • Gate of Ruler:
    • Job Temple Uniques:
    • Titan Uniques:


    Last 10 Unique Kills

    • Ox has killed Tiger Girl 01:06:45 ago

    • Zo has killed Uruchi 01:37:21 ago

    • Ox has killed Demon Shaitan 02:16:47 ago

    • Ox has killed Cerberus 02:23:44 ago

    • BabaYaga has killed Isyutaru 03:35:49 ago

    • Cleopatra has killed Tiger Girl 04:00:28 ago

    • Daa has killed Demon Shaitan 04:42:03 ago

    • BabaYaga has killed Uruchi 05:08:28 ago

    • Daa has killed Cerberus 05:08:30 ago

    • BabaYaga has killed Lord Yarkan 05:22:02 ago